Police & Fire Departments


Whether you serve as a police officer or a fire fighter, Don Loyd and his staff want to serve you.  We’ve been helping police officers, fire fighters, and their families for years with . . .

  • Planning for a successful retirement
  • Accumulation of wealth
  • Comprehensive financial planning
  • Estate planning
  • Saving money for college

Do you have a strategy?  We assist our clients by designing investment portfolios which can provide regular monthly income while preserving your principal.  Did you know that there are ways to access your retirement accounts even if you’ve retired before age 59 ½ without incurring tax penalties from the IRS?  We can help.


  • Professional Management
  • Monthly Income
  • Investment Options
  • Control of Your Accounts
  • Consolidation of Accounts
  • Quarterly Statements
  • Internet Access

Contact us for our free informational brochure pertaining to managing your Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) and Deferred Compensation proceeds.  


You are unique.  You’ve served your community in a dangerous capacity for decades.  Now you face a new challenge… retirement.  You might have retirement monies in the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP), a 457 Deferred Compensation plan, or both, but the success of your retirement will depend upon how well you manage your retirement assets.