Inherited Wealth

According to research, 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth within two generations, and 90% lose it within three. Because younger generations may lack sufficient financial education, communication among generations is critical – ideally, before the inheritance occurs. An inheritance can bring greater financial obligations, including higher taxes. Knowing what you can spend, how much and how to invest, and if debts are paid off is key to long-term financial success.   

Furthermore, for those planning an inheritance, it is crucial to make sure estate plans are up to date and designed to your unique needs, goals and circumstances. Having a set estate plan can also ease the burden of emotional stress on all parties involved. Open communication and planning leads to better inheritance management that can ensure that future generations enjoy the same benefits. Estate planning is a complex process. Working with a competent and trusted financial advisor can help you understand the intricacies and nuances of what lies ahead.